Devin Downs 5 stars!!Beth is awesome! Stella has improved so much! Thank you

Roxanne Brooks5 stars!! my other doggie home!! I love training my dogs and teaching there!

Amanda Wycoff5 stars!! Gordon (my pup) and I love coming many classes to choose from and he has a great time!!

Tina Williams 5 stars!! Great place! Great people! I can't wait to start a class with Cain! :)

Cristobal Theinvisible 5 stars!! Beth did an awesome job teaching us everything we needed to know to train our 5.5 month old lab. He definitely enjoyed the class and he loved her (mostly because she was the treat lady I think lol) would highly recommend these classes to anyone wether it's their first dog or their 5th! Plus your puppy/dog gets to interact with others and gets some good exercise! Looking forward to another class or two in the spring.

Bella Velvet 5 stars!! I have been working with Ms. Beth, the trainer at Alaska K9 Center for about seven months. She has done amazing things with the training, and I love to work with her. She has taught me all kinds of new things to help my dog. I call her Alaska's Dog Whisperer! She is extremely patient and knowledgeable. When our dogs see Ms. Beth, they go crazy! They love her, and we do too!

Lindsay Kaye 5 stars!! Had a wonderful experience here with my dog - I learned a lot about dog handling, my pooch had fun, and he made great strides. Will definitely sign up for additional classes in the future.

Samantha Jones 5 stars!! Just went into an insanely crowded Alaska feed co --- ZERO barks, growls, hackles or staring (despite my nervous train wreck)!! Can honestly say I no longer have an "aggressive" dog! Thank you for all the help you've given me Beth!!!! -sam/ares

Sarah Smith 5 stars!! Great place to get training for you and your dog! The trainers are patient and friendly and all the dogs love them!

Kameron Miller 5 stars!! Its peacfull and you get to see some amazing dogs

Samantha Jones- Two years ago, I had many people tell me I needed to put my dog down because he was too aggressive toward strangers. He couldn't be trusted. He was unpredictable. 
but, I knew that if he could love my daughter this much, surely that couldn't be true.
Beth Frank , Alaska K9 Center & Deborah Cotton gave me the hope I needed. They told me, if I was willing to put in the work, there was no reason my dog couldn't overcome this. 

We've come so far and I want you to know how grateful I am! So thank you, for EVERYTHING!!!